The brand

While cultivating the good taste for refinement, Mathilde M. brings elegance, charm and poetry to your home in a timeless classic chic style.

Drawing her inspiration from the historic French heritage of castles and residences of the 18th Century, Mathilde M. revisits the tradition to bring the know-how in perfection of hand-krafting together with the latest innovations.


Fragrances, decoration, furniture… Each item is designed to bring some softness and romance to your home.

Mathilde M. strives to offer quality products, complying strict specifications.

Our Philosophy

The Art of Perfume

Our high quality perfumes charm your home with poetic fragrances and tell marvellous stories.

Our perfumes are created in close collaboration with Master-Perfumers situated in Grasse, the world’s capital for perfume, Southern France. Rich and complex, they are elaborated from a carefully designed blend of miscellaneous essences.

The Art of Creation

The Mathilde M. collections are created with passion and enthousiasm by our in-house team of designers in Mâcon, Burgundy, France.

All our creations are exclusive and registered.

A know-how in hand-kraft

Emblems of the Mathilde M. brand, our scented gypsum decorations are made in our workshops and meticulously hand-crafted into high-quality items.